The Dating Game- Chapter 6: Hey, Mr. DJ

I don’t know what it is about guys who like to talk on the phone, but it makes me weak in the knees. Something so stupid and simple, can make a 5 turn into a 10 for me. That’s how this started.

I met this musical man a few days after Christmas. The first night we started chatting, he asked me if he could call me because he was driving. We ended up talking for 2 hours that night. Not gonna lie, his deep voice was more enticing than anything.

He was an ex-marine, a DJ, had tattoos everywhere, and he was bald. If there was a description for “Not Taylor’s type of guy”, this was it. But there was something about him that I wanted to explore further.

Mr. DJ texted me every day, and called me almost every day in the middle of the day just to see how I was. He told me that his end game was to “be with me”, which I was a little concerned about. I explained how that was great and all, but lets take it slow and see if we can even stomach each other in person.

It was New Years Eve, and we were talking how we normally would. His plans seemed up in the air, and he asked what I was doing. Now, we haven’t even met yet. This guy was willing to spend over $100 on a New Years Eve party with a girl he hadn’t even met yet. It was both flattering, and eyebrow raising at the same time.

The next day, it was like a switched flipped. He was being short, barley texting me. We were supposed to go on a date the next day, and he was being wishy washy about it. Went from saying how he couldn’t wait to finally see me, to saying that he “didn’t know” if he could leave work on time. I’ve been through this before, he was in ghost mode.

Sure enough, he told me that he felt like he needed to “work on himself” before he considered getting involved with anyone. Okay, no big deal. I respected it. Said my goodbyes, washed my hands of him. Thought that was it. Key word…thought.

The next day. The very next day. This dude didn’t even let the body get cold. He texted me “Hey”. Like any person, I expressed pure confusion. He told me he “just wanted to see how I was”. I don’t think he knows how this dating thing works.

He went on to say that I actually cared and had a great “aura” about me. I was hesitant to even engage, but he seemed genuine, and I’m an idiot.

The daily phone calls started happening again, and we actually met up. It was nice, fun, and didn’t feel forced.

Now this is where the story changes. And when I say change, I mean changes from all the other stories I’ve ever told about all of my dating prospects. You all need to be very proud of me, because I’m so proud of myself.

I started to catch on how toxic this guy was. He just seemed off, and I don’t blame or judge him for any of it. He really needed to stick with what he had originally said to me, and work on himself, and I shouldn’t have engaged the second go around.

He started only talking to me in a pretty sexual manner, and I wasn’t having it. My breaking point was when he flat out said to me “I want you in my bed tonight.” I’m sorry….what? We were just talking about Game of Thrones and a pretty graphic death, and that made you want to tell me you want to sleep with me? Weird flex, but okay.

This dude went from telling me he wants to be with me, to saying he needed time to himself, to telling me he wanted me in his bed. All within 2 weeks. Like damn boy, you move quite swiftly.

I was honest with him, and explained how that isn’t all I want, and if he was looking for a girl who just wanted the physical aspect of a relationship, then I wasn’t the girl for him. I even expressed how confused I was since he originally said he wanted to see where this could go, and he says…and I quote “People change, I’m a shitty guy”. Nice, dude.

So that was it for the DJ. It felt pretty liberating to stop a red flag from coming near me before it had the chance. I blocked his number, and called it a day. Not the ending you were expecting, huh? I can be full of surprises. Just watch me.


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