If You’re Not Pumped For Jersey Shore To Come Back, You’re Lying

2009 was a simpler time. Everyone still had phones with actual buttons, Toy’s R Us was still in business, and Jersey Shore premiered on MTV, causing a phenomenon. I was in high school when season 1 premiered, and names like Snooki and The Situation became staples of my life.

Hello, my name is Taylor, and I am a Jersey Shore-aholic.

I was at the perfect age for this show. I didn’t have to pretend I didn’t love it, because I was a 16-year-old high school student. I was supposed to love trash TV. But, there were definitely people that pretended they “hated” this show. That it gave Jersey and Italian’s a bad name. Those people are haters and/or lying morons and they shouldn’t be in your life.

Unfortunately, six years ago the greatest thing on television left us. It was apparently time for the cast to “move on” or whatever bullshit that was. Not gonna lie, I was heartbroken. Jerzday Thursdays became an extremely part of my life, and now they were gone. What was I supposed to do without Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Deena, Pauly, Ronnie, Mike and Vinny? Seriously. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO!?

Six long years of crappy spin offs and sad excuses attempts at recreating this national treasure of a show (I’m looking at you Floribama Shore), my favorite guidos are back. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is airing April 5th on MTV with the entire cast except Sammi. Listen homegirl, I’m a little peeved you aren’t in it but I feel you. If I had my shit thrown outside and personal items destroyed by my boyfriend for the world to see, I wouldn’t wanna put myself in that situation either. You do you girl. Plus, your new man is fine as anything. Ronnie, you fucked up my dude.


Anyway, ya girl can NOT wait to put on a pouf and some trashy leopard print and make herself some Ron Ron Juice. I’m so pumped for this, and I’ll be here to post my review once the first episode airs.

And if you aren’t excited, you’re lying. This is trash TV at its finest.

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