The Dating Game- Chapter 3: The Comeback Kid

Wow, we’re already on chapter 3. Time really flies when you’re making terrible dating choices, doesn’t it?

This is an interesting one, because well…it’s all in his name. The Comeback Kid first showed up in my life (well, on my phone) last summer on what app? Say it with me kids….Bumble. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

He caught my attention for the simple fact that he was hot. He was that clean cut, super attractive good guy type of hot. And to be honest, I was incredibly surprised that we matched. He seemed like he was into blonde bombshells. Something I am for sure not. So yeah, I was pumped.

Now in my dating app bios I have something written about me loving Disney. I’ll always have that written in there because the least I could do is let these poor souls know what they’re about to get themselves into. Common courtesy at its finest.

Anyway, he opened the conversation by telling me our first date should be a movie date where we watch “Aladdin” and sing the songs together. Yes everyone, I was in love. It doesn’t take much.

We talked for maybe two more days after that, he followed me on Instagram, and then just like that he disappeared. I was crushed. Severely crushed. I don’t know how I got through it. We didn’t even have our “Aladdin” sing along date.

Fast forward to months later. It’s January and here I am yet again, bored as anything (probably on the toilet, let’s be real) swiping. I come across a familiar face. Yes, you guessed it, and yes you guessed it again…we matched. Now his name makes sense, doesn’t it?

To much of my surprise, he actually remembered me. I didn’t waste any time to call him out on his sudden disappearance months before. Of course he apologized over and over again and kept insisting that he would “make it up to me”.

This time, we actually talked longer than two days and it actually seemed that this movie date may happen after all…or at least we would meet up for some dinner and/or drinks. It was really looking promising.

It was a good week that we were talking to each other, but a huge red flag of mine is when they won’t talk outside the app (meaning they won’t ask for my number). But he made damn sure he got my Snapchat. It’s probably just me, but I just find that a little fishy.

Comeback Kid made plans with me. Read that again…HE made plans with ME. He was the initiator. We were going to meet up for a drink, location was chosen by him. I was ready, more than ready to finally meet this heartthrob of a man. I really thought it was going to happen this time. He kept going on and on about how “it was meant to be that we rekindled” and all kinds of bullshit like that. So me being the dumb asshole I am, believed all of it.

I asked him the morning of our date if we were still on just to make sure, and he gave me a very assuring “definitely!” I was under the impression all day that this was really happening. If you haven’t caught on by this point that it in fact did NOT happen, you haven’t read my previous posts.

Just a mere two hours before we were supposed to meet up, he messaged me with some lame ass excuse that he “just found out” he had dinner with his family or something like that, and that he would let me know if he could still meet…”keep me posted” are the exact words he used.

I showered, and sat on my bed in my robe and towel on my head for a good 45 minutes like a dumbass waiting for this guy to “keep me posted.” Finally I got fed up and messaged him if I should even bother getting ready when he responded with a “ughhh I don’t think I’m gonna make it tonight, I’m so sorry!” I’m sure you were.

I fell asleep before I could see his last message, which was him saying he wanted to reschedule. I replied with when I was free….and that was that. Nothing. The Comeback Kid performed his disappearing act yet again.

That was it for me. I figured, okay this clearly wasn’t meant to be. But come on, who’s ready for the plot twist?

About two weeks later he snapchatted me. I kid you not. I was seriously perplexed. And I called him out. He of course gave me the whole “work is so crazy” excuse and what not, and how again…he’s going to make it up to me. And I responded with a “yeah, make it up to me by actually hanging out with me this time.” Haven’t heard from him since.

We should really change his name to Houdini since he’s so damn good at disappearing and reappearing. Will he ever reappear? Stay tuned kids, this one always has some tricks up his sleeve. I guess my “Aladdin” date will never happen…not gonna lie, I’m most sad about that.

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