“This Is Us” Is The Worst Show On Television

It’s my mom’s fault that I watch this damn show. When “This Is Us” first aired, everyone was raving about it, but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon quite so fast. My mom was the one who told me “You have to watch this show.” Ugh, fine I’ll give it a shot. Worst. Decision. Ever.

This show is trying to kill me. Week after week I prepare myself to sob over fictional characters. Yes, fictional characters. It’s like I know them. YOU DON’T KNOW THEM THEY ARE FAKE, THEY DON’T EXIST. I need to constantly remind myself of this when I put myself through turmoil every Tuesday night.

This week they did the unimaginable. They gave us two of the best heart-wrenching episodes two days apart. I need a hell of a lot more than two days to re-cooperate from watching Jack Pearson, the single greatest human real or fake, die in the most Jack Pearson way.

Remember when we were all so mad that the season one finale didn’t show us how Jack died? We’re all regretting that now, aren’t we? I know I am. And if you say you aren’t regretting it then you’re a liar. No one likes a liar.

Can we just take a small detour from me complaining about how this show crushes my heart each week and talk about how phenomenal the acting was in these last two episodes? The acting every week is incredible, but these last two were exceptional. Two words: Mandy Moore. My GOD this woman was incredible. Honestly, who knew? I love me some Mandy, but I had NO idea she was capable of such a performance.

The actors, the writing, the everything. This show is incredible, but it’s the worst. Every Tuesday night I run in to my moms room after sobbing on the couch for an hour and complain to her that it’s her fault I put myself through this, and I always follow it with an “I hate this damn show.” I really do. It’s like that toxic relationship you know you shouldn’t be in, but you can’t help but stay in it. I hate this show.

And if this damn show proves anything, it’s that even if you find an amazing guy like Jack, he’s just gonna die doing the most amazing and heroic thing ever. We’re screwed.


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