Are The Jonas Brothers About To Play With My Heart Yet Again?

The year is 2008. My friends are dragging me to the “Hannah Montana: 3D Concert” movie. I can’t stand Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus, but I’m a 14-year-old who has a group of friends who loves her and are all hanging out to see her movie, so without having myself catch the ultimate case of FOMO, I tag along.

Hannah did her thing, Miley did her thing, and then this band of brothers came on for a split second to do their thing. The Jonas Brothers. I had heard of them and heard a few of their songs, but didn’t really pay any attention to them. That changed that night, boy did it change.

I was your typical, crazy obsessed, teenager. My room was covered wall to wall in posters, and I was highly convinced I was going to be the future Mrs. Nick Jonas (I still am convinced that this will happen). I went to my first JoBros concert on August 8, 2008 at Jones Beach Theater, and also saw them at Nassau Coliseum the next year on their World Tour. Camp Rock was my favorite movie, and I owned every album, t-shirt, poster and pretty much anything that had their names and faces on it.

Then in 2013, they did the worst thing they could do to me: they broke up. They came up with this ridiculous excuse that they wanted to “be brothers first”. How selfish, right? What am I supposed to do without you?

However, a few days ago, it seemed as if the gates of heaven opened. The official Jonas Brothers Instagram page has been reactivated. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? I don’t either, no one does, but it has to be good, right?!

People are freaking out, I am freaking out. What does this all mean, boys? You can’t be stringing all of your loyal fans along. It’s going to eventually kill us.

If there is going to a “reunion”, I have a few suggestions. We don’t need any new music, just give us the classics. Serenade me with When You Look Me In The Eyes, Lovebug, Burnin’ Up and Hold On. That’s all I need. I need the music that made me fall in love with you as a band. Go on a little reunion tour so I can relive my teenage years.

I am asking you this, Kevin, Joe, and Nick…don’t break my heart again. I don’t think it’ll be able to handle it. Let me be this girl again. Please.



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