The Dating Game- Chapter 1: Mr. Luke Bryan

I was in a relationship for a very, very large part in my life. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly an expert at dating when we called it quits last year. Diving into the dating world was definitely something I was NOT prepared for.

With that being said, welcome to chapter one of “Taylor Vs. The Boys In The Dating World.” Here, you will learn all about the fantastic humans of the male species that I come across both on apps like Tinder and Bumble, and in this crazy thing called real life. I know, it’s hard to believe that we can meet anyone without swiping right first.

So let’s dive right in! I have had some pretty interesting experiences on these dating apps already, but let’s talk about my first memorable connection.

Here I am, swiping away not knowing what the hell I’m doing. And I can honestly tell you I’m not even looking for anything, simply someone to talk to and tell me I’m pretty. My radius is on 100 miles because again, ya girl isn’t looking for a love connection. I’ve been single for a hot minute so the last thing I need is another relationship.

I have also made a discovery that the boys on Bumble seem to be a great deal more attractive than those on Tinder. I couldn’t tell you why, but this is a valid observation. Perhaps it’s because on this app, the girls have to say hi first? I couldn’t tell ya.

I came across this Luke Bryan look-a-like within the first few swipes. Me being the country music junkie that I am, was over the moon excited when we matched. I was already picturing our happy life with the white picket fence, and him serenading me because if he looks like Luke Bryan, he must sing like him as well, right? Here was the catch: this kid lives in Connecticut…I’m on Long Island.

But come on, a body of water and a two hour drive can’t stop true love, right? Clearly I am getting way ahead of myself. I message him with a simple “heyy!” and he responds fairly quickly. We chat all day and night, and like the gentleman that all of these boys are, he asks for my Snapchat.

Our relationship went from Bumble to Snapchat. This is a big deal, guys. We learned a lot about each other, and by a lot, I mean I know what he looks like, what he does, where he lives, and that he plays hockey. Again, our relationship is getting serious.

After about two months of snapping back and forth (yes, we don’t even talk on the app anymore) I found myself taking a road trip to his hometown for a concert. So like the super confident girl I am, I snapped him to let him know of this journey. Did I get a response? Sure I did! Of his dog. Interpret that however you seem fit.

Four hours in driving total, a sketchy tailgating spot, and an amazing concert later, I still never heard from this kid. I even went so far as to snap him where we were tailgating, with the geo-tag AND the message “come find me.” Nothing people, NOTHING.

Then a week later, I see his snapchat story with a familiar geo-tag. LONG ISLAND. Yes, you read that right. He was on Long Island, on my territory, and he said NOTHING.

Now here is my question: you’ve been talking (or snapchatting, whatever) a girl for over two months, and she basically tells you that she’ll be in your hometown and wants to meet up, and you completely ignore it and then are in HER hometown and don’t let her know? I am truly perplexed.

The best thing about all of this? It’s been a good eight months and me and Mr. Luke Bryan are still continuing our snapchat relationship ever so often. How will it end? Will I ever find out that he can sing like Luke himself? Stay tuned my friends, stay tuned.




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